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Handmade books? Yes. Books with soul.

Okay. That might sound a little over the top. Books with soul? But seriously. Each of the hardcopy books on this site have been lovingly made by myself. Am I a master craftsman? I sure didn’t think I was. Each of the books I make is unique, but I have used my best efforts to give you something more than just words. More than just another product. Go ahead. Buy one. I guarantee that if you will open the pages and spend some time with the words therein you will become a better person . . . without any more effort than that. I’ll bet you can’t say that about the dinner you paid $20 for last week. Where is it now?
All kidding aside, I want to make the world a better place. That’s what I’m doing here in my own way. I appreciate you buying a book. If you don’t want to read it . . . buy one and ask me to find someone to gift it to with your regards and love, and I will.
This world has no lack of people that are desperately searching for the way out; A glimmer of hope. Anyway, enough out of me. Thanks for visiting my site.

All the best,