About Iido

Iido, pronounced aiy-ee’-doe, is a martial art founded in 2015 by Michael Gilgan.

Iido is a way, or path of ongoing training that enables the practitioner to experience continuous improvement toward mastery of skills primarily involving their own mind.

Iido means “way of the mind”. Its primary objective is to train the Iido practitioner, (Iidoka) to become aware of and master their mind to increase their effectiveness in all areas of the life endeavour.

Iido uses fundamental exercises, drills and a battle metaphor to train the Iidoka to be consciously aware of their thoughts, surroundings, experiences and behaviours better preparing them for the ongoing battle with self.

Because of its primarily intangible nature, Iido is the only known martial art that can be used and practised continually during regular life activities. The word Iido is a construct bringing the Japanese word, Do (rhymes with GO, meaning the way, or path) together with a large I, and a small i.

Large I and small i are representative of the amalgam of the personal pronoun I, an esoteric marker used in language that claims to define all identity contained within the single word, I.

Iido uses uppercase and lower case to help differentiate between what is often referred to as the Ego (little i) and the essential self (I). Iido training guides the Iidoka, through ongoing practise, to become aware of the enemy, little i, and develop skills in transcending its useless and harmful influences ie. negative self talk, anger, resentment, selfishness, fear, self-pity, defensiveness, limiting belief, self-harm, victimhood, incessant mental chatter etc. while developing and harnessing the true and lasting personal power of I.

Iido draws its methodology from a broad range of martial arts, the Canadian National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP), mind sciences and spiritual teachings and is intended as an adjunct or platform of regular mental practise upon which practitioners may actively utilize Iido training and teachings in conjunction with their favourite art or field to enhance their current practise. To this end, Iido claims compatibility with a long list of personal development, spiritual, self-improvement, sport and martial practises.