About us

About us?

I’m glad you asked!

Ravenscraig Books is a small publishing company primarily focused on making and marketing books handmade by me (Michael Gilgan). I want to help make the world a better place and this is part of how I’m doing that.

My wife Kate is a freelance writer and I’ve published one book of my own thus far based upon Iido, the Way of the Mind, a martial art I have been developing since early 2015. I’ve also republished a handmade version of James Allen’s As A Man Thinketh and a gender translation of the same work, entitled As A Woman Thinketh. All three of these books are available through this website. Have a look in the SHOP menu above.

More about us.

We are, what I like to call, neo-nomads.
10,000 years ago in Canada the people lived with minimal possessions amid the abundance of the land. We’ve found that living close to the elements, unplugged from television, is peaceful, enjoyable and healthy for the mind, body and soul. The difference between us and our ancient forerunners is that rather than following the game, hunting and gathering, we follow our hearts and subsist from the massive abundance spilling over from a consumer driven society. One day I hope to share more on this.

Our humble abode? It depends on the season. We have an innovative tiny home that provides us with all of the basics, transportation and accommodation all in one little package. Check out #vanlife on social networks. We can also be found living aboard a sailboat, the quintessential tiny home.
It was on a boat that Kate and I made the shift from life in corporate Canada to essential living. We had left suburban reality for a week to stay aboard the boat. At the end of the week we sat in the tranquil space of our small (no standing headroom) sailboat and joked about moving aboard permanently. We considered the insanity of such a move. Life in the suburbs was sane, we said, and this, the sailboat, was insane. We said that again. Life in the suburbs was sane…and this, tranquil yet exhilarating space, the sailboat, was insane. In that moment we had an awakening. We began to realize how insane our thinking was. To live aboard the boat WAS the sane thing to do. To continue the other way of living was, against the backdrop of the boat, pure insanity.  Peace and simplicity, with challenge, just as our forerunners had experienced, was essential living. Two weeks later we moved aboard the sailboat, our wee Contessa 26′ named Skibo. Since then we’ve had two babies and continue to live essentially

What about that dream of living in tropical paradise? You know, the one that involves lazy days by a beach, a grass bungalow, the sound of the surf and tropical fruit in abundance. Well we do that too. How? Why? Because it’s affordable. When we aren’t wintering in Canada we go to where there is no winter, the weather is always pleasant, and life is . . . simple. And winter in Canada, when it’s a choice, rather than an obligation, is awesome! An adventure. A challenge. A gift.

And we are educating our children ourselves. I don’t like the term society uses for this. It makes our education method seem like a runner up. A compromise. Where, in fact, it is wholesome and rich with a much broader, deeper more considerate way to develop the minds of our children than the system of “factory” education we believe to be acceptable. Again, we live in a world of abundance. In this day and age of technology it would be a challenge to stop a child from learning to read after they develop the basics.

So that’s a bit “About Us”.
We are a fun, loving family boldly pioneering a new path in a rapidly changing world.
Like you, we have wisdom to share based upon our own unique experience.

We’d love to hear from you!